Our mission

GreenCrowdFunder is the first platform in Switzerland dedicated to the crowdfunding of energy transition and environmental protection projects.

GreenCrowdFunder identifies ‘green’ projects and structures them so that they become real sources of sustainable and profitable investments. They are no longer just a simple investment ensuring profitability, but an investment that benefits the environment while offering a financial return.

Our values

All projects supported by GreenCrowdFunder are projects that address the three pillars of sustainable development:

The economic pillar : financial investments that support the development of green growth.

The environmental pillar : high environmental quality projects that participate in the sustainable growth of our planet.

The social pillar : the social responsibility of the selected companies.

According to Pierre Biraben and Alan Tawil Kummerman, co-founders of the GreenCrowdfunder online platform, "What motivates this entrepreneurial adventure is to bring real expertise and financial solutions to project developers, who contribute to a greener world through their initiatives and innovations”.

GreenCrowdFunder delegates the qualification of investors, management and processing of payments to Raizers, a European leader in crowdfunding.

The two companies are also business partners, working on several joint projects, notably to propose and promote their projects to their respective communities.